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Experimental Scents

Experimental Scents


As we prepare to relaunch, we’ve been really inspired by the different ingredients we’ve recently been introduce to.  For that reason we are starting this monthly option of experimental scents, there will be limited quantities. Your purchase will help us get everything ready to relaunch with new packaging, labels and scents. Thank you for all the support you have provided us through out these years.

This month we start with

Fig Sap & Forest Floor - SOLD OUT

Warn Out Leather & Smoked Cherrywood - Well the title really says it all. It’s a sweet, musky, leathery take on a woodsy scent. The Cherry note smells more like a syrupy delicious dark cherry floating in a strong cocktail.   9oz -50hrs burn time - all botanical wax - matte black jar


November Scents

Cedar Slab - A mixture of Virginia Cedarwood, Texas Cedarwood, Juniper Berries, Juniper Leaves, sawdust, Sandalwood topped with bright coriander essential oil and a warm amber note. 

The Color Of Pomegranates and Gin - A tart pomegranate cocktail mixed with hibiscus tea, pomegranate juice, tart dark cherry and lots of Gin. Our gin accord is made in house and exclusive to us. Yes, we are still talking about a scented candle, not an actual cocktail.  

Thanks for letting us scent your space