Bubble Rubik's Cube Candle
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Bubble Rubik's Cube Candle

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100% Soy Wax available in scented and unscented.

The scent is a beautiful blend of creamy sandalwood, dry cedarwood topped with leafy greens, grapefruit, fig leaf, jasmine, honey, coconut, musk and amber.

Please read instructions below before purchasing. 

*Please don’t leave the candle unattended

*Please do not place in direct sunlight

*Please place candle on a heat safe plate before lighting to catch dripping / pooling of wax 

*These candles are a fun way to decorate your home. They will improve the mood, create coziness, and a warm atmosphere all around as their highly fragranced even without being lit.

*Due to the size nature of these candles they are made more for decor. If you want to light these candles please read burn instructions carefully.

* Only light these candles for around 20-30 minutes at a time. Total burn time is only around 45-55 minutes so watch carefully when lit. 

* With keeping these products all natural that leaves some candles with a few of their own unique small cracks and frosting due to the natural nature of soy wax.

*That's what makes these candles so charming and is not a reason for complaint.

*Some candles may have some frosting on them, what causes this ? Frosting is a perfectly natural effect of using soy wax and it's just the natural wax re-crystallizing. Frosting does not effect the candles performance in any way and shows that we are using 100% natural soy wax

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