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a scented candle • 10 oz / 60 hour burn time

1995  captures the electricity in the air as you prepare for a roadtrip, still in your driveway but already daydreaming of the relaxing time you will spend on a hammock sipping on an Aperol Spritz.  The creamy white petals of orange blossoms, vibrant blood orange pulp, bright red mandarin and sparkling tangerine awake memories of driving with the windows down while the sun rises and warms the landscape.  Grapefruit zest and fresh hops quench your thirst for a cold one.  The honeyed atmosphere of an orange grove in full bloom, sliced oranges, burning ho wood and cedarwood ash create an accord that feels like finding shade on a sunny day. 


 Enjoy the 1995 playlist


Listen to episode 4 to hear the inspiration behind the scent





Fine Fragrance & Essential Oils (Phthalate Free) 

Hand Blown Glass Made in the USA 

Lead-free Cotton Wick 

100% American-grown Soy Wax (paraffin-free)





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