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Inspired by Arizona's monsoon winds in the summer afternoons and its desert flora. The perfume of desert rain always reaches your olfactory senses before the first rain drop.

Top notes hand harvested creosote
Heart notes waterhose water
Base notes worn-out leather and vetiver 


 Our search for creosote essential oil lead us to a dead end. No one was distilling it, but what we did find was way better. This is when we came across La Yerberia Botanicals in Tucson Arizona. Becki started back in 2009 in college, where she studied about the local botanical plants and how they were used historically. Creosote is known as the medicine chest of the desert, it's used in healing salves for its anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties. In Spanish it’s called “La Gobernadora" the governess, because of how the plant rules over large expanses of the harshest desert.  It is also known as "La Hediondilla", stinky one, because of its distinctive smell. When it rains, the aroma of Creosote fills the desert air. Becki started a small collection of creosote infused oil for us since 2016, she wild harvests far away from town, no runoffs or roadways. She takes very little from each plant, to respect its life. She uses gentle heat to extract the essence of this unique and distinctive plant. It’s our privilege to use this oil extracted with so much care and appreciation for the plant.



Handmade in Small Batches

Handpoured in Salem, OR

Fine Fragrance & Essential Oils (Phthalate Free)

Hand Blown Glass Made in the USA

Lead-free Cotton Wick

100% American-grown Soy Wax (paraffin-free)

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