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We are excited as we draw closer to our relaunch date later this year.  It's been a fun ride trying to jump back into the business, maybe one day we can record a podcast episode and spill all the details with some wine and tears. For now, just know we haven't stopped blending fragrances, exploring new scented ingredients and have continued our education with the incredible practice. We love smelling things and exploring.  For this reason we really couldn't keep all these fragrances we have developed over the years to ourselves.  Arcane Chemistry will return with the classic scents like Smug, Ambrosia and Petrichor, but between now and the relaunch we wanted to provide something continuously and from that idea The Scentsory Lab Collection was born. We love music and many of our interests are always influencing each other (cooking, tea drinking and everything currently blooming) but nothing moves us as much as music and scent. So we combined them and added a splash of nostalgia. We hope you enjoy the first release 1999 and we thank you in advance for letting us adorn your space with fragrance and joy